Can I Just Flea Bomb One Room? (Burlington Exterminators)

April 29, 2020

Getting rid of fleas is mostly among the hardest tasks you’ll do at home because the pest doesn’t only infest your pets, but your whole property will be affected as time passes by. Fleas may be tiny in the eyes but the problems they bring are widely seen once they are around your home.

Fleas will first target your pets like dogs and cats because your pets are their main hosts where they feed for blood meals. That’s why, when you see your dogs or cats behave differently like unusual biting, licking, and scratching, it can mean that they have fleas. However, you should not feel confident that fleas will only stay on your pets so treating your pets alone is not enough. Fleas can as well cause an infestation in your property as they move from one to another to look for hosts. If they were able to hold onto you, then you can be their new target.

Though fleas don’t impose too much threat on humans, according to Burlington flea control services, fleas can be dangerous to your furry friends so eliminating them is a must even if there are only a few of them. When fleas are around, property owners usually use flea bombs that are available anytime and anywhere. Flea bombs are useful because they can treat fleas and kill them within hours once the bomb is activated.

When using flea bombs, you might only want to flea bomb one area or room in the house which is heavily infested. However, is it enough to flea bomb one room in your house when you’re suffering from fleas? Let’s find out now.

Flea Bombing One Room: Is It Okay?

Flea bombs are among the trendiest treatments for fleas today. Most people, especially properties infested by fleas, are using it to get rid of their flea problems. When using a flea bomb, it should be handled with care since these bombs contain harmful chemicals that can be bad for your family and pets. We know that fleas don’t settle in one area so flea bombing in one room is never enough. The pest can spread all over the place especially if they are looking for new hosts.

Fleas lay eggs on animals but you should know that their eggs and larvae don’t stay long on the host. Instead, these eggs and larvae will roll down the furs of your dogs and will land on your carpets, furniture, fabrics, upholstery, and more. When eggs hatched, these will become larvae and when the right time comes, larvae will become adult fleas so new generations are born. If you flea bomb only one room, you might only be killing a few ones because other fleas may have already gone to other areas in your home. It is not safe to say to only treat one area because you’ll never know if there could be fleas around the house. If you have seen most fleas in one room, don’t be too complacent that they are your only enemies because other fleas may have already traveled to other rooms and have been infesting all along.

When flea bombing, it is best to flea bomb the entire home so that no fleas will be able to survive and infest more after the treatment. However, if you have already bombed your whole house yet fleas are still around, Burlington, NC area exterminators should be called as they can eliminate pests like fleas.

How To Flea Bomb Your Home 

Even though flea bombs are famous for property owners who don’t have time to call Go-Forth Pest Control for help, not everyone is aware of how to do it. If you plan to flea bomb your home, here are the things you need to know and follow.  

Know The Size Or Area Of Your House

If your home is suffering from fleas, flea bombs will typically come to your mind. Though foggers are easy to purchase, you should not buy plenty of it because if you do, it can be bad for you and your pets. Before you buy flea bombs, make sure to know the size or square footage of your house because it will help you determine the proper number of flea bombs to purchase. If you have a big house, technically, you will need a lot of flea bombs but if your home is only small, you should buy only the right amount to avoid excessive use. If you want to have your home treated aside from using flea bombs, Burlington area exterminators can lend a hand.  

Purchase Recommended Flea Bombs

When you use flea bombs, you should not only settle on the ones that are cheap but you must purchase flea bombs that are recommended by professionals. You can ask veterinarians about what brands of flea bombs are good to use for your home. You can also ask your relatives or friends about flea bomb recommendations so that you will know what to buy. Aside from asking for referrals, doing your research is still the best because you will be able to know more about the brand, description, reliability, and more. Never settle for low-quality of flea bombs because it can be a waste of money or might even bring you danger.

Read The Label & Follow Instructions

Every flea bomb has its instructions provided on the label. Proper reading will help you on how you can apply the fogger right to avoid dangers and accidents. Make sure that you read the label before you set up flea bombs because if you carelessly apply flea bombs, it can lead to severe health problems that you and your pets can acquire. Go-Forth Pest Control's Burlington exterminators always remind you that following instructions is very important when you do your pest control.  

Keep Your Family & Pets Out Before Applying

Flea bombs should not be applied when humans and pets are around so what you need to do is you have to bring your family and pets out first before you activate the flea bomb. You should never stay when foggers are about to be applied because your children and pets can inhale the chemicals or fumes that flea bombs release. The emitted chemicals will not only be bad for your skin but your respiratory system as well so exposing your family and pets is never good. Burlington, NC area exterminators suggest that you let your family and pets leave the area first for safety purposes.  

Keep Infested Drawers & Cabinets Open

Fleas don’t only infest floors and walls, but they can also be found in cabinets and drawers. The pest will find a place to hide and stay that will help them thrive. If you flea bomb your home, make sure that all contents of your drawers and cabinets are removed first before leaving it open so that the chemicals released by the bomb can also reach the inside of the cabinets and drawers. With this, fleas hiding or sneaking into these areas will be killed and eliminated successfully. But, make sure that belongings that need to be covered should be tightly covered to prevent chemicals from getting onto it. Burlington exterminators will help you if you can’t still eliminate fleas even after applying flea bombs at home.

Using flea bombs should not be done hastily because if you don’t know how to use it, it can cause more problems aside from fleas. We know how helpful flea bombs are but if you don’t use it safely, you will be the one to suffer the most. If you don’t leave the area immediately, keep things like utensils, clothes, beddings, etc. uncovered, or forget to unplug electric appliances or shut off the power supply, these can be one of the reasons you’ll experience severe problems or may even lose your investments.

If you need help in eliminating fleas or other pests, Go-Forth Pest Control is here to help you.

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