Rodents in Charlotte have an amazing ability to get into homes and businesses. They can scale the outside of some structures like they've been bitten by a radioactive spider. They can work their way up the downspouts of gutter systems. They can jump a foot straight up into the air. And they have the ability to chew through a piece of wood - not that they would need to do that much work. An adult mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of dime. A young mouse can squeeze through hole that is half that size. An adult rat only needs a hole the size of a quarter.

If you're trying to keep rodents out of your Charlotte property, it can be a frustrating task. They can make short work of a door sweep or some weatherstripping. While it is certainly important to seal gaps and holes in your exterior, the real secret to keeping rodents out has less to do with sealing entry points and more to do with keeping rodents away from your home. Here are five quick tips to help you do just that.

a house mouse crawling on food in a kitchen
many rats in a closet

1. Remove Clutter

Mice and rats have many predators. When they enter your yard, they'll run from one hiding place to another. If you remove objects that don't need to be there, you can reduce rodent activity. Pay particular attention to objects that are in a pile. Rodents like to get in the gaps and spaces between items.

2. Address Dense Vegetation

When rodents get into your landscaping, they want to be hidden from the view of predators. Trim the base of bushes, remove unnecessary plants and weeds, and keep your landscaping as open as possible. This will make rodents feel uneasy and will keep them from finding safe spots to start chewing on the building materials of your home.

3. Address Water Resources

If you have standing water in your yard, rodents will take advantage of them. Rodents need water. It is a top priority for them. When puddles form or rainwater is captured by an object in your yard, rodents can use these as watering holes.

  • Make sure your gutters are free of blockages.

  • Make sure your gutter system, including splash blocks and downspouts, are in good working condition.

  • Repair plumbing issues.

  • Remove objects that collect rainwater.

4. Remove Or Protect Food Sources

Rodents live off the generosity of humans, and they aren't nearly as picky as we are. A mouse or rat can find a meal in a dirty trash bin. They're even known to feed on pet feces when they get desperate. Keeping your trash protected and picking up dog waste is a good start in reducing rodent activity. Here are a few more tips:

  • Birdseed is a highly desirable food source. If you have feeders, consider moving them away from your exterior to prevent seeds from littering the ground near your home.

  • Dog and cat food can be a meal for a little rodent. If you have a pet that eats outside, consider only putting food down during meals, and never overnight.

  • If you have a garden, or some other obvious food source, you may be able to use fencing to keep rodents out. Be sure to install fencing at least a foot below the ground to prevent rodents from burrowing under. You may also need to have a fenced roof over your garden. Rodents can climb over fences.

  • If you have a tree that drops nuts, be sure to rake them away from your exterior.

5. Trap Rodents

Sometimes the only way to get control of rodents is to trap them before they get into your home. This should be done by a licensed pest professional to achieve the best results. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we used field-tested strategies, traps, baits, and Integrated Pest management methods to find the right solution.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, let the team at Go-Forth Pest Control help you get control of rodent problems inside, and around, your property. Reach out to us today. We're standing by to assist you with all your pest control needs.


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