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Interviewing A Vampire

Mosquitos are known to transmit diseases like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, elephantiasis, filariasis, and West Nile fever. Read more about how they spread disease and can be… Read More

Pest - Borne Diseases: Rift Valley Fever

Mosquitos are a common backyard pest. Some mosquitos can carry diseases such as Rift Valley Fever. We discuss how to prevent Rift Valley Fever and get rid of mosquitos in your yard. Read More

Pest Borne Diseases - Yellow Fever

Mosquitoes are a pest that can be found in your backyard. They can carry diseases such as Yellow Fever, know the signs and symptoms and how to prevent mosquitoes from taking over. Read More

West Nile Virus: What Is It And How To Fight It

Mosquitoes are more than a backyard pest. They can carry diseases to humans and cause many problems. One virus in particular is the West Nile Virus. Read about how to detect signs of West Nile and how… Read More

The Health Hazards Of Having Pests In Your Home

Whether you live alone or with your family, pest control should be done to minimize health risks. No matter how big or small your home is, better get rid of pests before it harms your health. Read More

Mosquito Control Company Near Greenville SC

Unfortunately, mosquitoes have also found a home in Greenville. They love stagnant water. This is where the adult female mosquitoes lay their eggs, that is why they are often found in lakes, temporary… Read More


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