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Pest- Borne Diseases: Rat - Bite Fever

Rodents can carry diseases. There are ways to identify and prevent these diseases being transmitted to those in your home. Read More

Mice Control Company Near Hickory NC

One way to keep the mice out of your home is to seal off all holes larger than a dime. Remove off the floor, as mice can hide there. Store food in sealed glass or metal containers, as they can still… Read More

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice At Home

Upon opening your cupboard, a big mouse suddenly surprises you. Or while walking along the kitchen, you see a mouse following your trail. These little creatures can give us a heart attack at some… Read More

Peppermint Oil To Get Rid Of Mice

When trying to get rid of mice in our homes, it’s acceptable how we often look at how we can resolve it with the materials and items that we already have at home – through natural methods to be… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Mice are little pest creatures that lurk in the tiny spaces and dark areas in our homes. These little creatures like to wiggle and snip their way into the tiniest holes in our homes. Don’t mistake… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Mice With Kitty Litter

Apart from the various ways on which you can use to defeat a mice infestation in your home, there are ways in which you can either save money or recycle some resources that you probably already have… Read More


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